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What is InfBase

InfBase is a drop-in helpdesk for year-1 and year-2 students to get additional tutoring and support with their specific course content.

InfBase is run by students in higher years with of expertise and who offer 1-on-1 support and advice on core pre-honours courses in Informatics. In addition to supporting drop-in assistance, InfBase can be used as a place to work together with other students, with support from an InfBase tutor.

Some sessions will run in Appelton Tower 7.03 (7th floor). Please check the below schedule for reference.

If you have suggestions and feedback for InfBase, please let us know how we are doing.

InfBase helps you with the following courses

Semester 1:

Semester 2: • Year 1: Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science • Year 1: Informatics 1 - Object Oriented Programming • Year 2: Informatics 2 - Software Engineering and Professional Practice • Year 2: Informatics 2D - Reasoning and Agents • Year 2: Informatice 2 - Foundations of Data Science • Year 2: Informatics 2 - Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures


Regular InfBase sessions start in Week 3 (Monday, October 3rd, 2022) and will run until the end of revision week. Each session is supported by a tutor that can help your with some courses.

To find help about a specific course, find the course in the table below and then check which session can help you with that course.

InfBase 2022 schedule, semester 1